A Loud Call

Spunk Records

“A fragile, quiet joy of a record. ★★★★” – MOJO”

Throsby has taken her music to a whole new level…with elegantly structured, delightful lyrical and musical understatement. ★★★★” (Album of the Week) – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

“Hear, hear! ★★★★” – DAILY MIRROR (UK)

“No embellishments are needed when the words are as good, as preciously picked, bare and honest, as these. [A Loud Call] makes you want to lie back and look at the glowing stars. ★★★★ – THE AUSTRALIAN

“Engaging…enticing…infectious…evocative. ★★★★” – WEARS THE TROUSERS (UK)

“Superb lyricism and subtly rich, oaky instrumentation, effortlessly veering from bright folk pop to spare, almost ambient acoustic laments. ★★★★” – RAVE

A Loud Call positively bellows from the highest point. It is simply outstanding. ★★★★” – THE HUB

“This album sounds like finely blown glass. ★★★★” – J MAG

“A series of tunes touching on love, death and memory. Despite the hushed tone of Throsby’s voice, it’s one you won’t forget any time soon. ★★★★” – ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

“Tender, evocative, gently inquisitive. 8/10” -SUN HERALD

“[Throsby’s] intriguing, elliptical, cleverly-arranged songs carry some of the ambient hush of Low and the baleful longing of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy” – UNCUT

“Gorgeous, beautiful, incredibly intimate songs. One of the Australian albums of the year so far.” – MELBOURNE MAGAZINE (THE AGE)

“Brighter, livelier, more stunningly vivid. Holly Throsby has blossomed.” – THE VINE

“A pleasure. This album will course through the veins of those who hear it.” – SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“This record is stunning.” – DRUM MEDIA

A Loud Call shimmers with hope, darkness and new levels of intimacy. The once reserved Throsby, who was seemingly afraid of her sheer talent, has blossomed.” – OYSTER MAGAZINE

“Throsby has produced some fine work in the past but this is her best by a long shot.” – BEAT

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