On Night

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“Songs which feel like they have been constructed in the smallest and most solitary space. This is a sound of its own. ★★★★”  – ROLLING STONE

“A thing of quiet, luminescent beauty that gently works its way into the bloodstream. ★★★★” – THE COURIER MAIL

“Throsby sings with a knowing intimacy, like all her songs are enclosed in a secret, special place. She sings and songs shimmer gently in the morning half-light. This is something quite special” – EVERETT TRUE in PLAN B (UK)

“Brimful of candid, poetic disclosures delivered with a spare, Raymond Carver-like intimacy…an irrefutably original voice” – MOJO

“Lyrics resonating like the economic precision of a poem. Beautiful, fragile…a real pleasure. ” – THE AUSTRALIAN

“Riddled with poignant lyrical twists, a pinch of dry humour and subtle instrumental flourishes” – UNCUT

“A rich vein of intimate, close to the ear and even closer to the skin music, laced with a clear but never overstated sadness. Don’t be scared by the rawness, though; it’s done with restraint. And, like everything else on this album, it’s done with grace, intimacy and an awareness that, while sometimes you just want to be soothed, caressed or laid down gently, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Picked guitar, wistful brass, strings and lilting piano. The album is a gem” – THE HERALD SUN

“Simultaneously girlish and world weary. Pretty wistfulness and confessional songwriting with the spare ghostliness of Will Oldham lurking at the edges. A – ” – BARRY DIVOLA in WHO WEEKLY

“Fragile, dark, yet oddly life-affirming” – BRISBANE TIME OFF


“Songs set under the bright full moon, delivered over the barren backdrop of broken guitars and dusty piano. 8/10”   – DROWNED IN SOUND (UK)

“A delicious frisson of intimacy…this album feels bizarrely redemptive. We are left divested of our illusions, liberated. It is some kind of victory” – ALTERNATIVE ULSTER (UK)

“A songstress with literary depth of a novelist who looks into the eye of love and its social circles. Beautiful, restrained, right on target, so direct.” – NEUMU.NET (US)

“A series of perfectly structured tunes that combine achingly introspective lyrics with subtle melodic changes. Throsby is really pushing the barrow of world-class female singer/songwriters in this country. Fittingly, this album is one that just grows more special with each listen. ★★★★”  – THE BRAG

“A voice to sooth savage beasts” – THE ADVERTISER

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