Under the Town

Spunk Records

“Throsby’s writing delights in the quotidian – her yielding, half-spoken vocals investing poetic distillations with an elusive profundity. ★★★★” – MOJO

“This is kind of album you want to keep to yourself. Not because you don’t think others would feel the same way, but because after you’ve lived with it for a while Under the Town feels as if it were made just for you.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Throsby’s carefully observed ideas and startling voice make the old feel new enough to make neck hairs stand on end, rapt.” – THE NEW YORK SUN

“Superior pastoral noodling, delicate acoustic twinkles and breathy fireside musings. Each tune is as absorbing and intimate as a watercolour miniature” – UNCUT

“Startling noir-like imagery, plaintive beauty, masterful gravitas, lasting truth” – MESS + NOISE

“Under the Town represents the protest of romance against life’s ordinariness: small town, small life vignettes which have assumed greatness. Throsby reminds us that, if we would but look, we would see the fantastic all about us. ****½ 4½ stars” – ALTERNATIVE ULSTER (UK)

“Elegant, restrained, majestic. But gentle? Well, only if you’re not listening carefully. Love lost, found, or impending…these are dangerous waters. But sail them we must” – THE COURIER MAIL

“Like I-Spy-With-My-Little-Eye set to music, or painting pictures with notes and quavers, Under The Town is a breath of fresh air. I guarantee – whatever your mood – that for half an hour at least you’ll go to places you only dreamt of and wish you could stay there forever and a day. 8/10″ – DROWNED IN SOUND (UK)

“Sharper and yet more contemplative. Pretty and precious, durable and telling, it just might put a spell on you. 8/10 – THE SUN HERALD

“Throsby has constructed a set of tunes that pull you in closer and closer with each listen. Under The Town is undoubtedly one of the most enthralling listens of the year.” – X PRESS MAGAZINE

“Candor, intimacy and breathless delivery. A warm album for the depths of winter” – THE AGE

“Hypnotizes right from the opening line. Engaged with memory, immersed in vivid intimacies…an album full of quiet victories. ★★★★” – THE BRAG

“Throsby’s greatest strength still lies in her poetic turns of phrase, from the stark to the devastating” – THE MELBOURNE HERALD SUN

“Beyond the lilting exterior lies a disarming wisdom and subtlety. Throsby creates such an intense intimacy you may begin to feel like her confidante and lover. A sublime release, something quite precious” – HOT PRESS

“Touching on death, childhood and memory, with sparse instrumentation, delicately played piano and string arrangements worthy of Dirty Three maestro Warren Ellis. Melancholy romanticism tempered by youthful optimism” – THE WEST AUSTRALIAN

“Throsby’s voice is uniquely intoxicating. A winter album made to curl up with” – THE DRUM MEDIA

“Throsby’s is one songwriter who captures what the Portuguese call saudade, a feeling of longing that is too elusive to control and too fatalistic to fathom. Under the Town is a record of the year contender” – SYDNEY OBSERVOR‍

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