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“An absolutely, painfully beautiful piece of work” – MESS + NOISE

“Deep intensities and stormy, mood-driven ideas. Team is remarkable, choral and kind of medieval much of the time. Somehow Holly Throsby makes uncertainty inclusive and warm and very, very appealing” – (Album Of The Month) – MELBOURNE MAGAZINE (THE AGE)

“Without fuss or obvious flourish, Throsby is turning into one of the best lyricists we have. She sings to you as if your heads are leaning against each other, so you hear her voice through her skin rather than through your ears. ★★★★” – (Review Of The Week) THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“10 sad, yet beautifully restrained songs, whose intimacy grows with each hearing. ★★★★” – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

“A rare jewel, [Throsby’s] breathy intonations are stoked with deft, rustic accompaniment creating songs as delicate and ornate as a folky Faberge egg. ★★★★” – THE DAILY MIRROR (UK)

Team is a triumph of the intimate, the subtle and the detailed. A moody masterpiece” – ROLLING STONE

“‘Here Is My Co-Pilot’ is one of the songs of the year, for me, no matter what delights emerge in the next five months. Perhaps of any year. Team [goes] far beyond alt.whatever towards the rarefied atmospheres inhabited by otherworldly beings with names like Kate Bush, Jane Siberry, Joanna Newsom and Mimi Goese. 8/10″

Team shows a more assured, a more nuanced Throsby; a broader perspective. A beautifully constructed set of ten songs. Her most definitive statement yet. ★★★★” – ALTERNATIVE MEDIA GROUP

Team is a great headphones record. While its organic instrumentation may leave you with a first impression of minimalism, the intricate layering and looping of Throsby’s vocals in its myriad pitches is complex and intriguing. Throsby is at the top of her game. Verdict: Sublime body of work” – THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“Enchantingly savvy in its nude, unshowy sorrow, shot through with welcome flavours of levity, Team is an album that could soothe in the most cynical of fractured romantics. 8/10″ – WEARS THE TROUSERS (UK)

“The music and arrangements are certainly stranger and more intricate than ever, full of vocal layers and stuttering loops that evoke things like music boxes and clockwork mechanisms. But Team is particularly interesting because it manages to be both forthright and ambiguous; confessional and oblique. These layers of meaning are reflected in the layered vocals that dominate several songs, seemingly functioning as a way of introducing different voices and perspectives. These are eternal themes in songwriting but there are few people who can write about them so well.” – THE BIG ISSUE

“Sophistication…timelessness…homespun truths, both familiar and unique. [Team is] claustrophobic, sweet, sad and filled with minutia. Throsby’s is a world worth visiting.” – THE MUSIC NETWORK

“Holly Throsby is the genuine article and Team is strong evidence of it. Utterly compelling…effective, frightening in a most beautiful way” – THE CANBERRA TIMES

Team is a study in hushed, eerie contrasts. Yes, these are often songs of great sadness, but also great strength and resolve. Throsby is an elegant and singular  wordsmith. Whether one regards her music as neo-folk or bare-bones, stripped-down pop, listening to her latest album makes one thing abundantly clear: she is one of the best singer/songwriters Australia has. ★★★★☆” – TOM MAGAZINE

“Arguably Throsby’s finest work to date, Team is a luscious and elegant listening experience. Experimental, vivid, majestic and capturing a startling sense of derailment. An early contender for album of the year” – ABSOLUTE PUNK

“Curated through a beautifully delicate aesthetic, Team is effortlessly, disarmingly romantic. Every lyric and idea infused with rich sentiment in a record that bears a unique intimacy bound to resonate beyond first impressions.” – BEAT

“Throsby is the most consistent Australian female vocalist of the past decade and Teamis another step forward in creating a bank of songs that drip with emotion and grace.” – X-PRESS

Team is a reflection on relationships of rare maturity. It glides easily from sparse laments to gorgeous string-laden numbers. Drummer Bree van Reyk is graceful and considered, her percussion adding a rustic, almost clockwork naïve charm to the record. Multi-instrumentalist Jens Birchall offers subtle but critical details. Both are invaluable; [and] equally critical is Tony Dupé’s production, which blends the wood-tones of acoustic instruments with Throsby’s velvety whisper to create a lush, intimate atmosphere. It’s easy to be transported by the feathery texture of her voice, but her way with words is her true strength. Throsby’s emotional insight, unshakable hope and gentle wisdom, coupled with artful lyricism, make for a rare and powerful songwriter” – FASTER LOUDER

“Strings plink and rhythms tick-tock as her voice dances around in echoing fugues. Cosy word, team. Holly Throsby’s fits under a large blanket where small sounds flicker and grow like shadows in candlelight” – THE AGE

“Incredible, so intense, so much light and shade. Team is brilliant. Throsby is a true talent.” – ELEVEN MAGAZINE

“Holly Throsby sits fair and square in that lo-fi corner of the room from whence strange, mysterious, slightly mystical noises emerge. There are what seem to be infinite layers of sound and voice so that on each listen you hear something new and after each listen you can never be sure you’ve heard everything. This is an album to properly concentrate on and, as ever, concentration will be rewarded. 3/4”

“Holly Throsby has assembled a catalogue of sketches so tender and candid it’s akin to overhearing her most intimate musings. Team adds a fresh dynamic – her strongest set of songs yet. It crafts a rich timbre of voice, guitar, strings, textures and artefacts.”

“Vocally, Holly Throsby wields her own special control. It is hers. The arrangements are free-spirited and unpredictable, reigned in by dainty plucking and piano, only to prance out again. Team is a curious title for a solo record, but it’s apt: Holly is singing to her shadow, the pair of them forming and decoding whispered secrets as she goes, oft-times bleating responses to her own husky questions from the background. Listening to Team is a splendid spectator sport. 3/4″ – MX

“It only takes two songs for Holly Throsby to re-establish herself in the upper echelon of Australian singer/songwriters. The one-two, velvet-hammer punch of ‘What I Thought of You’ and ‘It’s Only Need’ whisk us into a world of miners, crows, iron lungs, soldiers and needy, accidentally greedy lovers. Throsby lets her voice glow like an ember.”

“Warm and haunting. Beautiful melodies exist in every nook, some only revealved after several plays” – MEN’S STYLE

“Sophisticated, echoing chills. Throsby continues to excel with each release and Teamfinds her at her most compelling.” – SHOUT OUT MUSIC

“Throsby’s aptly titled fourth record is brimming with team themes – soldiers, co-pilots, bees, miners, even tables and chairs. Folk guitar, vintage piano and  overlapping vocals, which go from playful innocence to pensive reflection within beats.” – NEWCASTLE HERALD

“Beautiful, expansive, emotive. Surging lyrics, moulded exquisitely. Holly Throsby is thriving. 8/10” – THE AU REVIEW

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