After a Time

Spunk Records

“A meandering stream of textures that conjure their own world of dappled light and boundless hope. ★★★★” – ROLLING STONE

“Rich with emotional insight, touched by grace and buoyed by trust, it sounds and reads, and most importantly feels, like just what she needed to do and what we needed to have. ★★★★” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Even though After A Time has much more of a full-band energy than Throsby’s previous releases Team and A Loud Call, there’s a peacefulness to this album. It feels raw, honest and is easy to get lost in. . . Some critics have been calling this Throsby’s strongest album yet, and they might just be right.″ – THE BRAG

“Simple and gorgeous. ★★★★” – THE MUSIC

“Holly Throsby is one gifted human being.” – YEN

“Idiosyncratic, perfectly-crafted folk. . . may Throsby remain an omnipresent being of the musical realm.” – JUNKEE

“Throsby’s new songs are still lyrical. . . but there’s a new strength and energy in the music: the growly guitar that underpins ‘Mountain’, the double-tracked vocals that fatten up ‘Find Your Way Home’, the jazz-club dynamics of ‘Be You Lost’ and the duetting voice of Mark Kozelek in ‘What Do You Say?'” – THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK)

“Throsby hasn’t yet made a poor record and After A Time is again majestic from start to finish. It may have been a long time coming but After A Time is well worth the wait. 9.5/10″ – X-PRESS

“Holly Throsby’s immersive new album, After a Time, is quietly electrifying” – STACK

“Shadowy. . . tender. . . understated. . . beautiful” – STEROGUM (US)

“Throsby’ voice blows as a zephyr through the tracks, tone rather than lyrics taking centre stage. The real instrument is your own mind. Take your troubles, your worries and your frustrations and set them to Holly’s soundtrack. Allow the peaceful calm to dampen their edges and emerge feeling more at one with yourself. Trust me, it can be quite a cathartic experience.” – MUSICAL MORON (UK)

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