“One of the most captivating family music albums I’ve heard this year. Impressionistic, dreamy… delightful in ways big and small. Definitely recommended.” – ZOOGLOBBLE

See! is gorgeous. Dubbed the ‘black sheep’ of children’s albums, I would instead refer to it as the brightest star in the sky.” – WEB CHILD

“Wow. Wow again. In fact, make that wow cubed. I love this album. Standby for effusive praise. Exceptional… addictive…beautifully giddy…spot-on for kids… supurb.” – BABYOLOGY

“Throsby’s addictive and nurturing voice is perfect for an album of this sort. A warm and bubbly dedication to all things invoking child wonderment. My three-year-old niece happily gives See! her stamp of approval.” – TIME OFF

“Curious…spirited and sprightly…exuberant. It’s rather tough to imagine an artist more suited to such an undertaking” – BEAT

“A rich colourful quilt of an album embroidered with fresh harmonies and quirky sound effects. Little sayings from childhood feature throughout, from ‘Can I Do That Too?’ to the spoken corrections in ‘Fish and Mice’. My children keep singing along to ‘The Seasons’ and ‘Hello Tiger’ and I can’t help but join them. As a reviewer I get to listen to plenty of CDs, but this is my all-time favourite.” – SUNNY DAYS

“A chorus of children singing along to the cute as a button ‘Diamonds Are So Shiny’ is a highlight as is the catchy as a dose ‘Putt Putt’. Throsby’s foray into a different demographic is bound to make the summer holidays more bearable as See! drowns out the sounds of ‘are we there yet?’ coming from the back seat on many a car trip. ” – X-PRESS

“Tigers, fish and mice, kooky sound effects and…the joyful cheers of wide-eyed children. [See!] is sure to tickle everyone’s fancy ” – SUNDAY HERALD SUN

“Ms Throsby’s children’s album works better than you’d imagine. ‘Hello Tiger’ (with Darren Hanlon) is a gem. ★★★★” - TIME OUT

“The hitherto serious young insect Throsby now sings of stars, diamonds and tigers, hits a pointed plosive p in ‘Putt Putt’, rattles a whole host of fun sounds in the foreground and puts up songs, several of which with a different turn of phrase could sit on one of her grownup albums. Score.” – THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“Another manic Thursday morning. Kids finally in the car. Noise, noise, so much noise. I unwrap the new Holly Throsby CD. Finally, the kids are silent. Moral of the story? See!is a worthy investment in parental mental health. It’s wonderful”

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